Welcome To Caravan Underfloor Insulation

We are a family run business located in Lincolnshire and cover most of the UK. We have over 10 years experience within the caravan industry. We specialise in Caravan Underfloor Insulation and Maintenance.

Heating a static caravan or park home can be expensive. Underfloor Insulation benefits caravan owners in many ways:-
• Helps to keep the warmth within your caravan.
• Reduce money on heating your static caravan.
• Increase the comfort of your caravan.
• Helps protect your floor.
• Reduce the risk of rodents nesting.
• Resists the passage of moisture.
• Improves air tightness.
• Fire resistance.
• Has a high R value, and a low U value.
• Radiant heat loss reduction

Heat is attracted to cold floors, so even when you have your heating on, you will feel less warmth because a floor without underfloor insulation will draw the heat to it preventing the heat from circulating around the van.

We use a 4 layer thick double foil, double bubble, thermal insulation. The double bubbles form an insulation barrier, trapping air within its structure, creating a low emission air space which enhances its total thermal capabilities. This is coated with a aluminium foil to the outer sides, which is durable and corrosion resistant. This creates a full waterproof insulation. The insulation is 8mm thick, which is equivalent to 65mm of polystyrene. The aluminium foil helps protect the underneath of your caravan from the elements, and works in two ways:-

• Reflects the heat lost through the floor back into the caravan, ultimately making your caravan hold its heat longer.
• Prevents cold air penetrating the floor, by reflecting cold air away from your caravan floor.

When fitting the insulation to the underneath of your caravan, we make sure that all vents are cut round and clear ( vent checks are done and signed for as standard ). We do not interfere with any pipe work, and all caravan floors are tested and checked for dampness before application. All we ask is that there is as much room as possible for us to access the underneath of your caravan.

• Equivalent to 65mm of polystyrene or 150mm of fibre glass
• Thermal resistance 1.45 M2/KW
• Achieves class 1 surface spread of flame, tested to BS 476 part 7